Stool and bank


The stool is a derivation of the principle which was already used with chair and table by the brand HERTH & SCHLUETER. Again the stability is brace generated. The stool exists of five parts, a seat, three legs and the star shaped clamping element. By screwing the element the legs are spread. By a groove in the legs the element is blocked and prevented from sliding up or down. The legs a let in a rectangular opening in the seat what creates on the one side stability on the other a formative recognition highlight. The product is created by regional wood and manufacturer and send thanks to its low pack measure to save space.

In a catalogue could be written:
"By its simple and timeless design the stool of HERTH & SCHLUETER can be integrated into all equipment styles and offers alway an elegant seat opportunity."

The work was created with my projecpartner Thomas Schlüter and is available
at Tojo