Retail Design

Solebox is a sneakerstore in the german capital Berlin. The concept of the store is "warehouse" and the interior is adapted to the industrial storage. The project enclosed the production of a concept store of the shell up to the final completion. To present the shoes we created a steel panel with laser cutted openings, which are adaptable. For the clothing and accessories we converted storage shelves. In the rear part of the store is the showpiece - a ABB robot. He delivers boxes with the shoes from two shelves by pressing a button. With a remote control the customer is able to let lay his shoe in the flap made for it. The robot is used when there is a special shoe edition or a event.

Solebox BER was the first concept store from the series of the solebox sneakerstores. It is built and designed by the design studio METROFARM based in Berlin. Other solebox stores can be found in Munich, Vienna and Amsterdam.