Our first intention was to create a productfamily, which is made of a very thin material but strong and inflexible. Our second intention was, how can we build our connectionparts from a second dimension material into the third dimension.

The products are made of powdercoated steel panel and oak wood. To strengthen the steel we made lasercuts throug the material and bent it 90 degree. Due to the vertical bending, the panels gain more stability. To connect the panels with the wood we also bent parts of the steel and drilled a hole through it. Later we connected the wood and the steel panels with a screw.

We converted the classical function of the materials. For the stationary parts we used wood and for the parts in use we took very thin powdercoated steel panels. The contour of the sideboard and shelf is very thin and lightly. This combination of all materials forms a harmonious general appereance. The joint between the two materials is folded from the steel panel and is the typical highlight of the product family. Through lasercutting and folding, the thin steel panel gets the necessary stability.

I created this work with Thomas Schlüter and Jan Wagner.