Future Mobility Workshop

“Addicted Products is a speculation, a question pointing towards our relationship with objects and the implications of designing smart and connected.“

I created the work with my teampartner Philipp Ries.


With an application the user can hire a car. If approaching to the car starts from a certain distance to call the user: "Psssst! Hey I am over here!" The user knows, also in a confusing park situation, where the vehicle is. Other reactions of the car could also occur about the windshield wiper, the side mirror or the lights. Even passers-by become attentive on the vehicle. Therefore the system is on the one hand a help to the user, on the other hand, the attention and the curiosity of potential customers is woken up.


The concept of the dynamic-light is conceived like the Whiggle but for the night. In this case the tool to get the attention of the user is a light projection on the ground.


A car is made to be driven. Why do not express the joy if it does, what it´s able to do the best of all? With a loudspeaker the vehicle communicates with the user and his colleagues. Thats how the small sporty attracts the attention very fast. And which drive brings more fun, than those, when really all parties involved are happy?

Hit me!

It is more efficient and also to prevent damage to drive a car, if it has already warmed up. The eye-catching design element on the car is a time bar, that runs off, as soon as the rent is finished. If another user catches the car, before the time has run out, he gets a credit in form of free minutes of driving. The function stimulates to spontaneous driving and protects the car.

Data Contrast

What is the mood of the other drivers in the traffic? A display mounted in the rear window projects the respective well-being to the other drivers. Information such as pulse, temperature and the pressure of the hands are taken by sensors plugged into the steering wheel and shown with smileys to the drivers around. Especially drivers in a good mood can break up stressful situations in the traffic.