A big weakpoint of furniture are the joints between the materials. When the piece of furniture is made of low quality material, the joint gets irreparabel destroyed. For our product we analysed traditional and industrial joints and created a new one. We really focused on the function first and tried to find one, which is useful for different furniture groups. Another important point was the easy installation of the products for the user. We wanted, that its easy to move with the furniture.

The principle we used is based on tension. For our products we didn´t use screws. We only worked with the tension, the strength and the friction of the materials.

We separated the different parts of the products by its use. The static elements are powder coated steel and the design is very straight-lined. The elements, the user is direct in contact with, are made of maple wood which has a warm feeling.

The products can be constructed by regional craftsman and support the traditional handcraft. Every product has a code on the bottom side which tells the user the location of production.

The products are designed with Thomas Schlüter.

  1. Summer 2014
    Support in Design and Realisation