Blue Vide

Home Apliance

bluevide. is a concept which was created for the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award 2016. It combines three innovative technologies, with the intention to prepare food healthy and flexible.

Blue light: The wavelength of the blue light works as a stop signal of the toxin production. Thereby 80% less mould grow and the food becomes much more durable.

Pressure vacuum technology: The vacuum packed food gets put into a water tank under a pressure of 6000 bar. Thats how the cell walls of the bacteria and moulds get completely destroyed. This guarantees a long durability without chemistry.

Sous vide: Sous vide is a technology from professional cooking. The vacuumed meal gets cooked in a 80°C water bath for a long time. No nutrients get lost, it´s always well done and the consistency succeeds perfectly.

The work was created interdisciplinary with the interaction designer Leon Schlechtriem and the communication designer Julian Haberstock. The project took part at the awards show in munich.